Exploring 4 Solutions enables organizational change to find innovative solutions to current and future problems through a collaborative innovation approach. We offer, along with our collaborators, consulting services, keynotes, lectures, interactive workshops, and development of collaborative centers that:

• Provide a strategic execution framework to actively guide clients through strategy, open innovation pilot projects, and portfolio analysis
• Lead to scaling and sustaining collaborative and open innovation for organizational change  
• Analyze research and development portfolios and business models to help organizations identify their top needs for innovative solutions

• Compare alternative solutions for effective and efficient problem solving

• Address the cultural resistance to change
• Are tailored to public, private, government and nonprofit sectors and your organization
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Human System Risk Management

What We Do

Collaborative Innovation

Aerospace Medicine

Exploring 4 Solutions delivers expertise in focusing mitigation strategies as the key deliverables needed to mitigate risk.  This approach has wide applicability in health care.  Our approach integrates clinical medicine, biomedical and environmental research and technology development that is based on many years of successful human system risk mitigation at NASA.  We provide consulting that:

• Provides a strategic approach (standards to deliverables) to identify and focus mitigation strategies on top health care challenges
• Offers a comprehensive risk management system that integrates medical care and research data to develop the most effective mitigations for health care challenges
• Implements strategies for integrated human system risk management in health care

We enable organizations to identify and mitigate human system risks in aviation, space flight, and remote environments.  Our approach is based on more than 30 years of successful risk mitigation in aerospace medicine in NASA and commercial aviation.  We provide consulting that:

• Identifies human system risks
• Integrates and applies medical and research data
• Develops standards and requirements

Consulting that provides expertise and experience: