Kathy Holland 


Kathy Holland is a co-founder of Exploring 4 Solutions.  Prior to this she had over 20 years of commercial airline accounting experience managing and developing strong, effective accounting teams with a focus on sharing knowledge, effective solutions, and achieving results.  During her tenure she was recognized for building and maintaining win-win relationships with other leaders and departments with a focus on design and implementation of joint projects to arrive at overall best solutions for all departments.

Kathy was responsible for significant high-risk accounts for which high quality financial results were critical to revenue.  Due to the large number of departments, people and systems involved in producing the financial results, her work entailed financial oversight and guidance with other department leaders to ensure coordination for best outcomes.  Relationships and an understanding of each department was key to successful implementation of improvements, changes, and acceptance by employees.  The nature of the work was dynamic due to government regulations, changing technologies, competition and new company initiatives all of which required adapting to dynamic environments and anticipating change. 

Senior management relied upon the discussion and documentation of complex accounting issues and research performed, and recommendations regarding significant issues.  She provided accounting expertise and coordinated technical solutions with various financial and technology departments, including the United-Continental airline merger (2012-2013).  Work included support for new business initiatives and accounting systems development as well as presentation of financial results to senior management, stakeholders, technology partners, and auditors. 

Kathy holds a B.S. Accounting, with Liberal Arts emphasis from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.